Integrating Okta LDAP in Jamf Pro

UPDATE – Thu 11 Oct: see bottom of this post

What? Another LDAP related post? Well yes, while I still have many other pending topics, I thought it might be interesting to share this “LDAP flavour” as well. As Okta is one of the popular identity providers, chances are high some of you might be looking into integrating it in Jamf Pro, and it fits nice into the series of other LDAP related posts like JIM, Active Directory, freeIPA and Jumpcloud.

I’ll leave LDAP integrations behind me after this one, promised! Or maybe not, maybe I should add Azure AD as well, we’ll see 🙂

First of all, we all know Okta as an identity and Single Sign On provider, for which Jamf already has a KB article, but apart from other already released features, their preview or early access list has some cool stuff in development.

And one of those early access features which triggered my interest, is the LDAP interface.

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JumpCloud as LDAP provider in JamfCloud (JamfPro)

Following the default Active Directory mappings, and freeIPA, let’s have a look at another way of adding LDAP integration to Jamf Pro:

Just for the record, before going any further: Jamf, Jamf Pro, JamfCloud and now… a blogpost about JumpCloud? Don’t get confused, JumpCloud is not a Jamf product 🙂 . It’s a 3rd party Directory-as-a-service provider.

As it’s not my intention to give any advise on what 3rd party tool or solution you should use, I’d like to invite you to have a look at their website and see if the provided services are a good match for your environment and deployment needs.

However, my goal here is to “quickly” run through the steps to integrate it in JamfCloud. Also, for those who don’t have a JumpCloud account yet, good news: you get 10 user licences for free, forever and no credit card needed!

Once your Jump Cloud account is up and running, let’s have a look at how to integrate in Jamf Pro, including the mistakes I made initially.

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