Jamf, Nomad, Jamf Connect… just WOW ! What a surprise !

Wow, what a surprise indeed! That moment you are in the middle of mentioning the capabilities of Nomad to the sys admin you are on-boarding in Jamf Pro… the news of the year rolls in…!

Nomad is Jamf… wait, what? Can’t be?!… Time for a small break in the on-boarding session to figure out what just happened!

Yes, there is was, the email from Dean (Jamf CEO), followed by a lot of excitement in the internal chats, emails and other channels. Indeed, Nomad is Jamf and there is Jamf Connect now… just WOW!

But why all the fuzz? What’s Nomad anyway? Why is this such a big news?

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Hello world


Welcome to this blog… or at least the placeholder for what’s supposed to become a blog. You have to start somewhere, right?

As a field technician, active in the domain of managing and deploying Apple devices, I come across different challenges and requirements to make the life of the Mac sys admin easier and less time consuming.

My goal with this blog is to collect useful tips, tricks, howto’s and resources, which may be useful for other sys admins who use Jamf as their main tool.

Nothing special, nothing fancy, just some useful things!

Coming up soon!