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  1. Hi,
    Why are you using launchDaemon in the Library folder, and not a local user launchAgent, that will run only after user is logged in? I put these launchAgent in the user template folder, and erase them after they run the script set up in them finishes.

    1. Good point! My goal was to combine it with NoLoAD so to be sure I put it at system level. But the template folder might make sense indeed. Anyway, as I updated the blog today, have a look at the JNUC 2018 presentation from Uarts. While trying to find a solution, part of the script I used actually links back to what they created, and they have a little more advanced version of it!

    1. Hi! I would say yes. I’ve been busy testing other stuff but will try asap. Deploying the package during prestage should indeed improve the process. As the package does not have to be downloaded @Enrollement the user should then get the NoLoAD screen immediately following the setup assistent.

  2. Great post! Have you had the time to try it with prestage enrollment package yet? I am using NoLOAD at one of my Prestage enrollments, so this was interesting reading for me, I am trying to get the script to read from jamf.log to echo my installation policy, but I can´t really get where to add the flag and what else I need to do to get it right.

    1. Hi Rignell, I did but because Nomad Login AD moved under the Jamf Connect umbrella I made another blogpost on that. See my last post. Let me know if that’s an option for you.

      1. Well, since I use an on prem AD, Jamf Connect is not the way to go for me. I asked Jamf especially about Jamf Connect and got the answer since I use a local AD I should go for NoMAD Login AD, the free stuff, so I got that up and running…and that´s when I found this blogpost hitting it dead center for me and my solution.

        1. Indeed you’re correct. No, I should indeed spend some time trying it with a prestage package! Did indeed not have time to try that out. Will try to do asap and let you know.

          1. Great, keep me updated, also if you get it to work fetching and echoing policies from jamf you will be my favourite person of all times 😉

  3. I got around this by using the login trigger for DEPNotify. So basically my workflow is NoLOAD installs at enrollment, then once the user account is created and logged in DEPNotify begins to run, but this looks a lot more seamless. I have been asking around but haven’t seen any good examples, have you found a way to prompt users if they want to install software using DEPNotify. Basically I would love to use the app to prompt the user if they want certain things installed. The only thing folks have come up with is by using the registration window to ask what apps they need.

  4. Did not work for me as the Login trigger might trigger too soon and the login trigger might hang. Apart from that Loging Hooks are in fact deprecated by Apple. Regarding asking the users if they want certain things to be installed, DEPNotify by design does not allow user interaction like this. A bit beyond the goal here, because you have Self Service for that. You could make a script prompting the user what to install and call custom triggers or if you really want configure and run Notify

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