Automated MDM Enrolment and Parallels Desktop.

Configure a virtual machine to behave like one of your “DEP” devices, or “Automated MDM Enrolment” – Parallels Desktop

UPDATE 20th of November: Parallels released an update for version 14
"Resolves an issue with the Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program) not working in a macOS virtual machine"

CONFIRMED: Works perfectly in Parallels 14.1

In my previous post I discussed the steps to create a VMware Fusion virtual machine, which is behaving like your “automated MDM Enrolment” test device (previously known as “DEP”). While I personally use VMWare, in combination with my ESXI homelab, I promised to post the workflow for “Automated MDM Enrolment and Parallels Desktop” as well.

So I did some testing…

The good news is: it still works on Parallels Desktop 13, even with macOS Mojave.
The “bad” news is: I haven’t succeeded in getting it to work with Parallels Desktop 14. – See update above. I will test and update the blog ASAP.

Here is what I did, as well as the working configuration for Parallels Desktop 13 (confirmed on Version 13.3.2 (43368) with macOS 10.14.1)

Click here for the Tutorial on how to do this on Parallels 13.

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